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ask-lordsheogorath said: Who the blue devil danish are you?

just a busy young lad who has not had much time for the tumbling :(

i know you all just miss me so much

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woah hey how yall doin

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ask-spitfire-thewonderbolt: 16. What is art?

anything put through a creative process

so like yeah selfies and shrek memes are art oops

lolligo: 3 and 9 ey?

3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

Well I did this thingy in class today

9: Do you have any OCs?

Nope! Never really was the kinda person to make OCs. If anything just like to make my own characters not based around any sort of fandom or piece of media.

Artist asks GO!
  • 1: Take a picture of your workspace.
  • 2: Show your pencilcase and what's inside.
  • 3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a "doodle" it is.
  • 4: Lineart or coloring?
  • 5: Who/what inspires you?
  • 7: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.
  • 8: Redraw one favorite piece of art by other (internet/tumblr) artist.
  • 9: Do you have any OCs?
  • 10: Draw a gijinka of your blog.
  • 11: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?
  • 12: Favorite thing to draw?
  • 13: Least favorite thing to draw?
  • 14: Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.
  • 15. Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?
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"Bewitched Bunny" (1954)
Bugs Bunny, Warner Bros.